Paris By Night 114

Paris By Night on Jerry Lewis Telethon

Paris By Night received the great honor of being invited to perform in the 45th Annual Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Tyler Diep interviewing California State Senator JANET NGUYEN in the California Capitol Sacramento

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VietFace TV is one of the well known Vietnamese Television in USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA for the past few years. Featuring an incredible mix of music, fashion, lifestyle shows, and dramas that only Thuy Nga Paris By Night Entertainment can offer.

Quality Programming

Quality Programming.

One of the elements that distinguishes Vietface from its competition is its relentless focus on quality. The ability to lean on Paris By Night’s resources allows it to produce the majority of its content in-house. By doing so, VietFace TV is able to develop programming that perfectly matches the profile of the channel’s audience. It also guarantees tight quality control.

Program Highlights Videos

Paris By Night Music.

VietFace TV is the exclusive network airing the popular musical series “Paris By Night”. For over 30 years, Paris By Night has entertained Vietnamese audiences around the world. The musical extravaganzas include incredible performances, live music, dancing, comedic arts, stunning choreography, and spectacular lighting and staging. The Perennially sold-out concerts have been taped in Paris, Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto, Houston, Atlanta, and Seoul.

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News Broadcasts

News Broadcasts.

Although entertainment is an important element in VietFace TV’s daily programming, its mission to inform is not forgotten.
Quality is the distinguishing factor. As well as offering local news, VietFace TV has the ability to other national and global news from the world’s leading news organizations and agencies, including Reuters and CNN.

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Exclusive Movies

Exclusive Movies.

Not only does VietFace produce its own entertainment shows, it also produces movies. The movies produced by VietFace TV are exclusively broadcasted on its own networks. This exclusivity defines VietFace as the leading channel for Vietnamese cinema. It also guarantees the channel to be at least one step ahead of its competition as it denies them access to the best Vietnamese movies available today.

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